The second best thing that my boss said after “good job!” has to be “let’s go out for drinks tonight.” All is well and good until the alcohol wears off. And then you begin to crash back into the horrible reality of life — “Kal office jaana hai”. The bar begins to fade into the distance as deadlines and targets come into focus. Sad, right? It’s a pity that we all don’t work at Bacardi, where all of their employees left their desks and headed to the bar on a working day. 

You heard that right! The Bacardi Primos (which is Spanish for cousin and what people at Bacardi call each other) had an absolute blast at their super cool annual tradition of going Back to the Bar. Every year, all the employees celebrate their Founder’s Day by turning on their “out of office” emails and going back to where it all started — the bar.

The idea is for every employee to be a ‘Founder’ of the company. Through cocktails, conversations and chillin’ with their consumers and bartenders (the true MVPs of the cocktail world), the Primos are keeping their ears to the ground to discover the latest drink trends. *Excuse me while I drop a note in our HR suggestion box*

And if you’re getting FOMO about this event and all the amazing cocktails that were flowing there, Bacardi has also released a trend report. Wanna know the latest cocktail trends that’ll help you impress your friends? Read on!  

While we’re no mixologists, we did learn how to nail the Ocho Old Fashioned, like a pro. A new twist to the Old Fashioned, this one is made with BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho, premium aged rum, some ice, syrup and aromatic bitters.

So, let’s raise our stained office coffee mugs to Bacardi and hope that we too head to the bar and fill em’ up with Bacardi soon. *Looks at office clock*