There’s a very specific kind of anger you feel towards yourself when you end up losing your wallet. It’s a mix of rage, self-loathing and hopelessness. And a lot of it has to do with your belief that humanity is a lost cause. No one’s likely to return your wallet.

But there are exceptions. This guy in Bangalore stepped off a bus one day and left his wallet behind. For most of us, that would have been the end of this story. Not for him. The planets were perfectly aligned for him that day.

A fellow passenger and the bus driver found the wallet. Since the driver could not let the woman take the purse and return it herself, she decided to click a picture of the PAN card  found inside and unleash the powers bestowed by the social media gods.

The group on which she posted this was ‘Put Me In Touch’, one of the best Indian groups on Facebook where one can post a query and the community of members can help sort it out. It’s one of the most active and prolific Indian groups with close to 55k members.

Within minutes, helpful responses emerged.

The original poster took it further and went the extra mile. And it turns out, helping spirit is contagious because others joined in too.

Evidently, light stalking comes in handy at times.

The last piece of the puzzle was solved when someone contacted the driver.

And like a fairy tale ending, the wallet owner finally showed up with the good news everyone was waiting for…

Clearly, he wasn’t ready for the internet fame this generated!

And this is why he was famous at work…

Another EPIC win for the Internet!

If you thought this was where it ended, you must have grossly underestimated how contagious a good act can be. From a seemingly non-newsworthy incident of a random guy losing a wallet, this thing spiraled into something greater…

And when it’s something so good, it doesn’t take much time to get the ball rolling.

While at the same time, others who had had similar misfortunes as our ‘wallet guy’ came out with praises for the original poster. She had done something good and deserved all the praise directed towards her.

What makes this entire episode really amazing is that not only did it restore our faith in humanity but it also served as a good example of the fact that not everyone you meet online is a troll. In the last few months, with the elections and the comment wars on social media, we really needed something positive.

And nothing could be more uplifting than this.

Added bonus:

So yeah, do not be surprised if you see a casting ad for an ‘aloof guy’ or a ‘tech savvy urban woman’ anytime soon.

This is nothing short of an Internet fairy tale.

A big hat-tip to Praveen Inbarajan for picking up this amazing story as it unfolded.