If his life was destined to be unique, it is believable that the trend for this uniqueness was set when he, the seventh child of his parents, was christened Sevenraj.  He displayed symptoms of his obsessive nature as a child which received sanction as an adult. And for a man predisposed to fixation it wasn’t long before the obsession with red and white which began as a simple marketing gimmick for his real estate business became a part of his identity, like literally.  

Here’s a peek into his life:

He is fierce about his individuality, and what could be classified as a borderline neuroses has earned him local celebrity status in Bangalore. 

His vehicle number plates are 777 and his mobile phone ends with 7777, he insists on seven buttons on his blazers, and has learned seven languages.

He has all his clothes monogrammed with the numerical 7 and a crown resting on it, even the headrest in his car displays the number seven. 

His life is a blur of red and white, that I’m surprised his friends and family aren’t dizzy all the time. His family however are supportive of his mania.

 Even his son Bharath and daughter Maneesha are accommodating of their father’s fixation and make it a point to dress in red and white when they are with him.

Pushpa, his wife of 19 years has said that when she got married to him it was something new for her but later she understood her husband’s craze and stood by him.

According to Sevenraj, like Mahatma Gandhi is recognised by his bare torso, glasses and white towel, he too wanted to be recognised by one and all.

Well, mission accomplished, because the family is locally recognised as the Red And White Family.

While some laugh at him, Sevenraj is not embarrassed and in fact enjoys the attention. And it is the pride with which he displays his idiosyncrasies that sets him apart.

As reported by the Daily Mail. All pictures by Jagadeesh K.R for Cover Asia Press