A research by Standard Chartered Bank has revealed that 2020s will be the decade of Asian countries with most of them achieving 7% growth rate.

The report also suggests that Bangladesh will have a better GDP than India by 2030.

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A press note by Standard Chartered said:

“According to the research, Bangladesh’s GDP per capita will reach $5,700 in 2030 (from $1600 in 2018), while India’s GDP per capita is projected to be slightly lower at $5,400 (from $1900 in 2018).”
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Together, the South Asian countries involved in the study, including India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh would account for one-fifth of the world’s population and thus their GDPs matter a lot.

Quite surprisingly, China, which had been a part of this club for almost 4 decades, is missing this time.

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This will be the first time when Asian economies would dominate a large part of the world’s GDP.