A lot of countries have revisited their policies and regulations after the novel coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has forced everyone to introspect about various issues ranging from lifestyle to food habits to our priorities. Keeping this in mind, these are the kinds of bans implemented after the outbreak.  

1. Spitting banned in Gujarat 

While a lot of states in India are taking strong measures to curb the spread of the virus, Gujarat decided to ban spitting and imposed a fine of rupees 500. It is unfortunately a very common habit we Indians have of spitting in public places and since the virus can spread through droplets, spitting would escalate the number of potential cases.


2. Exercising outdoors during the day banned in Paris 

Yup, who knew there would be a ban on working out, outside? As France also struggles to fight coronavirus, authorities in the capital decided to ban any movement from 10:00AM to 7:00PM (local time). Although social distancing is strongly advised, such a ban would ensure that it is executed as people would refrain from stepping out due to the ban.


3. Andhra Pradesh banned spitting of chewing tobacco in public 

The Andhra Government on Sunday banned the consumption of chewable tobacco products and spitting them in public places. Earlier, The Indian Council of Medical Research (IMCR) had requested people to avoid spitting as it could be counterproductive to fighting the virus.


4. Spain banned the firing of employees 

This is definitely a scary threat that looms over us. What will happen to our jobs? Will we even get paid? Many companies may end up firing employees due to the economic crisis that this pandemic would bring. Hence, Spain decided to ban the firing of employees so that companies do not take advantage of the workforce and offer them some stability and guarantee at a time like this where there is so much uncertainty.


5. Consumption of wildlife banned in China 

The very source of the coronavirus was wildlife and a lifestyle choice. Looking at how this has impacted the whole world, China has decided to ban the consumption and trading of wildlife. Although there are talks of the ban becoming a permanent one, there is no clear confirmation on it yet.