Judiciary is one of the most necessary pillars of a democracy. In a country like India, judiciary becomes extremely important because we have so many different people from different backgrounds facing so many problems in their lives. In a country where law is supposedly for everyone (except for the time when you’re sleeping on the footpath and run over by a ‘star’), we found a notice that shows the Bar Council’s disregard for general equality.


The three rules are extremely discriminatory. They are re-enforcing the idea of social structure and basically telling people that the privilege of using a lift is not for those who aren’t higher up in pecking order. 

Using something as miniscule as a lift shouldn’t be an exclusive right for a select few. Does the presence of the staff, who might not be as educated as you are, bother you?

Hon’ble Members of the Bar Council of India and Learned Advocates are making a mockery of their honorifics with such blatant discrimination. We don’t know where they find moral authority to defend the constitution of our country when they themselves indulge in this kind of discrimination.

And what makes this notice even funnier is the fact that the Bar Council can’t even get the spelling of ‘lose’ right. They are known for using Latin phrases and archaic laws, but ordinary words seem to catch them on the ‘backfoot’.

This building, and this notice, is a great metaphor for the social hierarchy in India.