Wayne Rooney has scored 14 goals in 32 appearances for Manchester United this season. He takes home £300,000-a-week.

Neymar has scored 27 goals and created another 23 for Barcelona this season. He gets £77,000-a-week. 

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However, there are bonuses for the Brazilian and they are quite massive. Football Leaks, which also revealed the details of Real Madrid star Gareth Bale and Manchester United’s Anthony Martial’s contracts earlier in the season — made Neymar’s contract available for download and here are some shocking facts from it:

Neymar got a cool £6.8 million as a signing fee.

  • He must feature in 60% of the matches to be eligible for a £850,000 bonus. A ‘match’ means at least 45 minutes on the pitch.
  • For winning the La Liga, Neymar will pocket an additional £510,000. For the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, he will get another £850,000 each. A La Liga-Champions League double gets him £1,192,082. A treble earns him an additional £1,362,379.
  • Just qualifying for the Champions League will make Barcelona shell out another £510,000. If they make it to the knockouts, then an extra £340,000 will follow.

So while Neymar’s contract is just over £4 million per year (compared to Rooney’s £13.5 million or Sergio Aguero’s £12.5 million), he will end up pocketing up to a whopping £39.7 million over five years with bonuses. Which should be easy to come by given Barcelona seeming like they’ll win every trophy available to them.

Feature image source: Reuters