There’s a new spat in Twitterville. Ace journalist Barkha Dutt has (once again) locked horns with economist Rupa Subramanya. They have been fighting, accusing, maligning, slandering each other for the past couple of days. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there was a crazy verbal onslaught happening right under your noses. (Or in front of our noses, depending on how much time you spend on Twitter). We bring to you the highlights from this week’s biggest online fight. Feel free to bring out the popcorn.

Here, the ladies can be seen dissing each other for a book blurb. Yes, you read that right.

Subramanya letting the world know that she doesn’t call people ‘presstitutes’:

Dutt was tweeting about the threats she had recently received:

And, along came S:

Dutt wasn’t having any of it:

Subramanya clarifying her stance:

… and then we come across something like this. All in a day’s work:

Dutt giving it the LOL treatment:

Stuff Dutt finds disappointing:

Subramanya wasn’t going to let it die:

One last (?) potshot:

Just when we thought Subramanya was going to retire hurt:

Dutt definitely wasn’t letting that book-blurb bit die. Ever.

Basically, writer Vivek Dehejia, one of the co-authors of the book in question, had to be called in for reinforcement:

While the ladies were tearing each other apart, Twitter was busy doing what it does best – commenting. Half-baked knowledge is such a great weapon in the hands of the uninitiated:

Our favourite reaction award goes to: 

What we have come to learn from all this is that a pre-nuptial for a blurb should also be brought into being.