The sixth annual Women in the World Summit was held in New York, from April 22 to April 24. Women from around the world gathered together to discuss issues of gender and share their stories. On the second day, renowned journalist Barkha Dutt, along with Leslee Udwin, director of “India’s Daughter”, spoke on the issue of women in India. The panel discussed sexual violence and gender inequality among other things.

Once the discussion turned to the safety of women in India, Barkha Dutt couldn’t take it anymore. She exclaimed, “Now this is where I have a fierce disagreement with the narrative that’s being built around my country.” She strongly defended India and pointed out about other countries with similar, if not more, pressing gender concerns than India.

Watch the YouTube video, uploaded by Women In The World , where Barkha takes down preconceived notions of gender issues in India:

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