This past year has seen the Indian spectrum divided on various issues: Tolerance/intolerance, nationalism/anti-nationalism, being the most common narratives. This divide is further fueled by public figures taking sides and thus, the definition of right and wrong continues to be debated.

While Aamir Khan’s words caused a nationwide debate on tolerance/intolerance, the recent JNU row saw the Indian masses split between nationalism/anti-nationalism. And after both these debates took political turns, the Indian media played a pivotal role in intensifying the said-situations.


Anupam Kher is not known to mince words for the sake of being politically correct and that has made him a figure of controversy, these past few months. Mr. Kher was part of one such panel in a debate conducted by The Telegraph recently, that saw his opinions align with the public sentiment like it has, in the past.

Mr. Kher’s speech was enough to send the Internet into a fit of debates and discussions.

After Anupam Kher, it was Barkha Dutt’s turn to subject herself to the national debate on tolerance/intolerance.

However, little did anyone know that Barkha would go on to make a bigger point about the divisive narratives and their implications on the Indian society. Her reply was not just directed to Anupam Kher but to every Indian who has ever been involved in such debates.

Barkha goes on to embrace her personal stand on various issues that her fans and haters have been speculative about so far. As a publication, we believe such views are imperative for public viewing and hence would like our readers to watch her speech here:

“Have we, as Indians, forgotten the art of conversation?”