Saudi Arabia is one country that isn’t known for being very friendly for women. 

While the country is known for suppression of women’s rights and imposing ridiculous restrictions on women, Saudi Arabia has now allowed women to obtain a copy of their marriage contract, in a bid to show willingness for empowering women.

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While news like voting rights and access to marriage contract might seem like a huge leap forward for women of Saudi Arabia, in reality these seem more like token gestures, since Saudi is not giving its women anything more than their basic rights.

As the push for more rights for women begin with King Abdullah’s reign and several social activists bringing up women’s issues, here are few reforms, which show what women empowerment means in Saudi Arabia.

A regulation was passed to give women the freedom to take decisions,

And a law against domestic violence remains a mere symbolic gesture.

Women can now vote and participate in nation building, but only if they have a man to accompany them.

The law isn’t enough to prevent fanatics from calling women prostitutes for following their dream.

Although the steps taken might be slowly opening the path to women’s rights for coming generations, how much do they matter in an authoritarian state? Are these reforms too little too late for women of Saudi Arabia?