We have often come across stories of burglars caught while trying to execute their master plans. One such burglar while trying to wriggle into a house in Idaho, US, got his head stuck in a cat door.

The owner of the house, Doug Harder, had enough time to click pictures of the burglar whose plans were spoiled post the tragedy.

Here is one of those pictures of the accused!

Source: Mashable

Yes, this burglar is a bear who attempted to ransack the house but failed miserably after getting stuck.

But it was not the first time when a bear burglar tried to enter the house. Earlier in the month of May, a family of bears climbed up the side of Harder’s home and onto his deck. While watching the whole operation from the living room, Harder shot a video as a bear and two cubs polished off birdseed from his feeder.

Source: Mashable

Harder still recalls how he knocked on the door and the cubs looked at him but they could care less of his presence. And in early August, after returning from a vacation, he found that a baby bear had cracked a sliding glass door to enter his home, eat his brownie mix, Toblerone, and Pepsi, and poop on his floor.


Awww! Such adorable burglars!