Humans beings and wildlife can coexist if only the former adhere to certain rules and regulations being put out by experts. 

However, in an unfortunate incident, a young black bear was euthanized in Oregon, USA, after it became too friendly with humans. Apparently, the bear had become familiar with people who were regulars in feeding him and also, taking selfies with him.


According to a CNN report, Oregon police received several calls regarding the bear who was frequently spotted near his favourite spot at an Oregon park.

After being found surrounded by a pile of trail mix and sunflower seeds, which were reportedly left by passerbys, the Oregon police made the decision of euthanizing the bear by shooting him. Reportedly, the reason they gave behind this is that since the bear was so comfortable around humans, he could’ve been a threat to them later.

 Rick Swart of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife told CNN,

The 100-lb bear was between 2 and 3 years old and could’ve been relocated if it hadn’t grown so accustomed to human contact.

Wildlife biologist Kurt Licence added,

This is a classic example of why we implore members of the public not to feed bears. While the individuals who put food out for this bear may have had good intentions, bears should never, ever be fed.

It is also illegal in Oregon to lure animals by scattering food or leaving behind garbage. To ensure safety for both humans and wild animals, wildlife officials advise residents to dispose off their garbage properly in bear-proof cans as the bears can fall sick if they ingest it.


People on Twitter expressed their disappointment over the euthanisation.

Some people wondered if this was the only solution to the problem. 

Some people were quick to call out the human beings who were responsible for the bear’s death.

It left some people feeling very heartbroken and angry about the whole situation.

The poor cub didn’t have to lose his life over decisions human beings were making.