Paramedic Catherine Maynard was busy treating a patient near London’s Euston railway station when someone ‘who looked like David Beckham’ walked past them. That someone said hello, drove off in his car and 10 minutes later, returned with a cup of coffee and tea for Maynard and the patient.

But it wasn’t just someone who looked like the former Manchester United No 7. It was him. 

“It was awful cycling around in the cold today and I couldn’t believe it when he came back with some hot drinks – I was so chuffed,” Maynard, who is a Cycle Paramedic with London Ambulance, told British media.

It’s not the first time Becks has played the good Samaritan. The former England skipper seems to be a genuine good guy despite the hundreds of millions he has made from football and the superstar status he enjoys.

In February 2011, Paul Long’s car packed up on a busy roundabout and no one offered to help. Luckily, Beckham was around the corner, parked his car on the side and helped Long push his to the side. Long had his two kids and couldn’t believe it.

“I have always admired him but what he did for me was lovely. I’m his biggest fan now although I do feel a bit stupid that I told him I loved him. He’s a genuinely top bloke especially as he braved the rain to do what he did,” Long told The Telegraph.

In July last year, Becks appeared on Knock Knock: Live, a show on Fox and surprised a family with a $100,000 cheque, seven iPhones and a 10-year prepaid plan. It was Victor Gonzalez’ family — Gonzalez gave up his football career for a construction job.

The cherry on the cake was Beckham agreeing to play football with the family as well.

 Oh, and did we say he donated all of his PSG wages to charity before hanging up his boots?

What a man.