Albert Einstein once said that if all the bees from the world were to disappear, human life would only have 4 more years to live. And now, this simple quote has actual meaning to it. 

The Royal Geographical Society of London has declared bees to be the most important living beings on this planet. 


Apparently, 70% of the world’s agriculture depends solely on bees, says The Science Times. Pollination, which also exclusively relies on bees as their most important job, helps plants reproduce. The existence of fauna depends on bees, without which fauna will cease to exist. 


Not only do they carry the weight of the world on their little backs, bees are the only organisms that do not carry any pathogens like viruses, bacteria or fungus.

The Independent

In spite of being so vital for the environment, bees are now an endangered species. There has been a dramatic decline in the bee population, almost 90% have disappeared in the past few years. The main reasons are widespread use of pesticides, deforestation and lack of flowers. 

Environmental activists are actively campaigning to save the bees, through endeavours like banning pesticides, preserving their wild habitat and restoring ecological agriculture. You too can contribute to save the bees here