Coronavirus has spread like wildfire as it has infected more than 6 lakh people around the world . And, while the death toll is rising at an alarming rate, doctors and researchers are desperately trying to find a cure to contain the spread of the pandemic. 

In fact, a Bengaluru based doctor, Vishal Rao, claims to be close to a cure for coronavirus which should be ready for testing by the end of this week. 

According to ANI, Vishal Rao said: 

We have built a concoction of cytokines which can be injected to reactivate immune system in Covid-19 patients. We’re in a very initial stage & hope to be ready with its first set by this weekend. The treatment involves retriggering of the immune system which gets compromised after a person is infected by Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Dr Rao further added that an application has been sent to the government to review the possible treatment at the earliest.


However, he also stated that the medicine that is being prepared is 'not a vaccine.' He also described how the medicine could be prepared for treating the infected. He said:

When we withdraw blood for regular check-ups, we get buffy coat which can be used to take out cells and form interferon. These two chemicals and some other cytokines, in a specific concoction, could be potentially very useful in treating Covid-19 patients

This is great news and we hope the results are positive. Even Twitter is hoping for the best.  

The total number of confirmed cases in India has crossed the 900 mark and we hope a cure will be available soon. Until then, stay safe, stay indoors.