It’s been two decades, but no definitive action has been taken to save Bellandur, the largest lake in Bengaluru.

It took just a few days of rains and the lake infamous for its pollution has started spewing froth again.


According to a report by TOI, toxic froth could be seen rising from the lake since Saturday. Later, on Sunday, froth even crossed the fence installed by civic authorities and spilled all over the road.

Talking to TOI, one of the residents, who frequently uses the road adjoining the lake, said:

“Civic authorities installed a fence to prevent froth from entering the road. But whenever wind speed increases, froth spills on to the road, irking road users.”
The Hans India

Regular dumping of untreated sewage in the lake causes it to froth so heavily that the foam is seen on nearby roads. Often, flames are also seen leaping off the water.

People have been sharing pictures and videos of the lake on Twitter, demanding action from civic authorities.

National Green Tribunal has warned the authorities time and again to take action, but nothing seems to have been done in this regard as the lake froths once again.