Given the current scernario, policemen are taking strict action against lockdown violators but, they are also turning into good samaritans and saving many lives since the lockdown was extended.

This time, in a heartwarming gesture, S Kumaraswamy, Head Constable from Bengaluru traveled 430 kms to provide life saving medication to a cancer patient. He traveled solo from Bengaluru to Dharawad on his bike, which is truly commendable.

He was lauded by the Bengaluru Police for his kind gesture and he was also given a certificate of appreciation by the Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Bhaskar Rao. 

Even netizens couldn’t let this story go unnoticed. They showered the cop with praises and thanked him for helping someone in need. 

Yet another instance that proves, not all heroes wear capes. Huge respect!