Domestic wokers have been severely impacted by the pandemic and the ongoing lockdown. And, it would mean the world to them if we could help them out in whatever way possible. 

Just like what Twitter user Ankit did for his domestic help Saroj didi. 

Ankit Vengulerkar, a man from Bengaluru, who was impressed with his domestic help’s prolific culinary talent, decided to help her out set up her own home-food delivery business. And, just like that, she became an internet sensation overnight. 

In a series of threads, Ankit stated that Saroj didi has 3 children to look after and she is the sole bread winner for the family after her husband passed away. In the past, she used to run a small eating joint in Mangammanapalya, while working as a domestic help. 

For a while, Saroj wanted to set up a home-cooked food business but, she didn’t know how or where to start. And, that’s where Ankit came into the picture. He posted a picture of Saroj didi on social media and worte:

She’s extremely talented and experienced in cooking. Saroj Didi is also fluent in Kannada, Hindi, English and is extremely reliable.

Ankit also advertised her tiffin service and urged residents living near HSR layout in Bangalore to try out her super delicious home-cooked food. While Saroj didi is busy cooking yummy food, Ankit manages the orders, sale, payments and delivery. 

Ankit also went on to tweet about Saroj didi’s home-cooked Mangalore crab curry while urging local residents to try her food out and, finally their prayers were answered. 

More than 2 kgs of Mangalore crab curry was sold out, making her dish an instant hit. Even since then, Saroj didi has been receiving orders for her awesome Crab Curry. She is thrilled with all the love and support she has been recieving on social media. 

People on social media also have been promoting Saroj didi’s home cooked food business. 

All thanks to Ankit, Saroj didi is now famous for her delicious crab curry and people literally can’t stop licking their fingers. This side business will help her earn a few extra bucks to feed and take care of her children, which is great.