A mob thrashed a married man working with an IT firm after tying him to an electric pole here for allegedly stalking and passing lewd comments at a woman, police said today.

The incident took place yesterday when the 25-year-old woman complained to her husband about being “harassed” by the accused while on her way to office.

The man was tied to an electric pole and allegedly beaten up by a group of people after the husband and his friends rushed there. Here is the whole incident caught on camera:

Police said the accused had committed similar mischief with the woman a few days ago and had been warned by her husband. After receiving information about the incident, police visited the spot and took the accused to police station.

The woman had not filed any complaint against the man who harassed her, police said, adding nor has he filed a complaint against the woman’s husband and his associates for allegedly taking the law into their hands.

Police have let off the man after giving him a strict warning against any such act in the future.

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/The World Around Us)