The Bengaluru city police that is already known for its quirkiness and wit on Twitter, has made its debut on TikTok.

They are planning to put awareness videos on TikTok while maintaining their humour. 

Talking to India Today, DCP South East Bengaluru, Isha Pant, elaborated about their intention to create an account on TikTok. She said:

We are on TikTok because it is a very popular platform and it connects well with youth. Our Bengaluru police Twitter profile has gone viral too. The same way TikTok will help the police to reach out to many people.

Their videos are also going viral on the platform.


Talent hits a target no one else can hit! Our intention to be with city and citizens! This melody interprets the same… Jotheyali Jothe Jotheyali…

♬ original sound – BENGALURUCITYPOLICE

Bengaluru police have always tried to connect with the citizens through social media through engaging and creative content.

Other police departments like Kerala police, Uttarakhand police and Durg police have also made their accounts on TikTok to reach out to the citizens.