A 60-year-old woman in Bengaluru, Ratna Kumary, was told by the salon she frequents that a certain hair treatment would make her hair smooth and straight.

The salon – Body Craft, in Bengaluru’s Indiranagar area – also assured her that a kind of hair treatment would give permanent results, reported in Bangalore Mirror. The treatment required several sittings, for a couple of hours each. She also bought expensive shampoos, conditioners and serums in the process.

She ended up spending a whopping Rs 1 lakh, but here is the shocker: she claims it showed no results at all. And the transformation wasn’t what she was expecting:

Worse, the salon asked her to undergo the treatment one more time, she claims. Instead the woman asked the salon to return the money she had spent on a failed procedure, but they refused to.

Now, the woman has filed an FIR at the Indiranagar police station. She has asked for a refund of half the cost of the treatment because it caused her mental stress.

What the salon says

The owner of the salon, 67-year-old Sushil Kumar, told Mirror that the salon had told her that the result would be temporary and would “fade away as new hair starts growing”. He also claimed that they had offered to return 30 percent of the cost she had incurred, but she instead filed a police complaint. 

Feature image is of Ratna Kumary. The photo on the right shows the effect after the said treatment. Source: Twitter/@Bangaloremirror