Who would have thought cuddling pandas could also help you earn money? In China, you can earn $32,000 annually, or around ₹26,00,000, for being a Panda nanny. I, for one, would have done it for free!


But hey, it’s more than just cuddling pandas. It doesn’t just involve feeding and playing with them but also demands professionalism, personality and observation skills. You’re taking care of a life, of course, these things would be important.

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There are many detailed requirements for a Panda Nanny during the raising of pandas, such as weighing their faeces, observing the pandas’ moods and distributing bamboo by scattering it around and leaving it in a vertical position.

A manager at one such facility told Modern Express
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And that’s the reason why although such facilities receive hundreds of applications, most positions are left vacant.

panda nanny

But if you do want the job, you need degrees in livestock rearing or veterinary medicine and should also be patient and responsible. Having experience in raising animals in a zoo, is definitely a plus.

No wonder this job receives so many applications, as people on Twitter too were keen on submitting their resumes.


Would you also like to be a panda nanny?