Remember the keertan ladies singing a song on Coronavirus, asking it to go away from India? It seems like the trend has picked up because the legend Narendra Chanchal has come up with his own bhajan on the pandemic.

I mean, it would be wrong to call it bhajan because he is just stating facts, but we’ll let that pass for now.

The song starts with diseases like Chikungunya and Swine Flu, which were a matter of concern in the past.

And then, it gets to the point.

This was before it became straight up racist.

Which is something to the effect of: China has taken away our peace of mind by eating everything alive. Now we have to bear the consequences, where did corona come from?

It’s a 9-minute-long bhajan and it does get optimistic towards the end, where the importance of taking precautions is highlighted.

Now, it was very tough for me to sit through the entire song, but people were clearly enjoying it a lot.

A lot.

Only person bored out of their mind was this kid.

Same, buddy. 

Here is the full song, in case you want to take the spiritual road in these tough times.