Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad visited Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh on Wednesday, 22nd January after a Delhi court modified his bail conditions.

In what was his first appearance at public protests after being released from the Tihar jail, a stampede-like situation arose at Shaheen Bagh.

The atmosphere at Shaheen Bagh was electrifying when Azad entered the venue. Chants of ‘azaadi’ and other poems charged the protesters.

Addressing the massive gathering, Azad congratulated the women who have been consistently protesting against the controversial act.

This is not just a political agitation. We have to save the Constitution and unity of the nation. When I was in Tihar Jail recently, I knew what the temperature was. Delhi had broken its own 112-year record. Par aapke hausle ke saamne toh woh record kuch nahi tha.
India Today

Holding a copy of the Indian Constitution in his hands, he talked about how Babasaheb advocated equal rights for women when he drafted the Hindu Code Bill. He also appreciated the spirit of women at Shaheen Bagh for entering day 39 of the protests against CAA.

Ambedkar said women will lead. Today, when the Constitution is in danger, women are leading the country and fighting for it. There are 1,000 Shaheen Baghs because of you. We need one lakh so that this deaf and mute government pays heed.
Telegraph India

Questioning the protestors as to why they should respect the PM, he said:

I have been told to respect the PM by the court. Maine bhi socha ki karna chahiye, par phir socha ki kyun? Jaise unke kaarname hain toh nahi karni chahiye… I will respect him because the Constitution says so, but tell the PM to listen to the people and respect them too. If he won’t, why should we?

He also promised the crowd that he would not let the government implement the unconstitutional act till he and Bhim Army are alive.

Towards the end of his speech, he told the protestors that they have a right to protest.

The Constitution is your suraksha kavach. Ek taraf poori hukumut, puri taakat aur ek taraf yeh Constitution.

Azad has been fighting for the rights of dalits and other minorities ever since the controversial CAA was passed by the parliament and pledges to continue to do so till the act is repealed.