The country is grappling with a daily hike of COVID-19 cases. But as a ray of hope, Makkah Masjid at Shanti Nagar in Bhiwandi East has now been turned into a makeshift treatment facility as stated by the reports.

patients in mosque
Source: Mumbai Mirror

The facility will have five beds and two doctors. This initiative was taken because Bhiwandi's healthcare system is experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Beds in mosque
Source: Indian Express

Undertaken by the Jamaat-e-Islami, they have even arranged for 30 oxygen cylinders for patients who are critically ill. Ausaf Ahmen Falahi, president, JIH Bhiwandi stated that:

Bhiwandi-Nizampur is a very congested area and hence the disease is spreading rapidly. As it is the city has a poor health infrastructure, and now several general practitioners have shut their clinics due to fear of infection. A vast majority of people in the city lack awareness about the disease and are unable to afford treatment. Hence, we decided to start this facility.
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According to state government data, Bhiwandi has recorded 1,407 cases with 65 deaths as of Wednesday. Officials shared that in the last 24 hours, ninety-five more cases were reported. 

Healthcare workers
Source: The Print/ Imran Nissar

With our healthcare workers fighting a full-blown pandemic, this sure is a great step to ease things out for them!