If there is one thing the coronavirus outbreak has made us realise, it’s that the world owes a hell lot to its doctors.

They are currently serving millions of people, risking their own lives and making sacrifices every single day. 

One such doctor is Sachin Nayak from Bhopal, who is living inside his car, because he fears he might pass on the virus to his family.

A report from India Today quoted him as saying:

When coronavirus cases started being reporting in Bhopal, I was not so afraid but over the last few days we have seen positive cases in large numbers so I have decided to stay in the car.

Following which, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh tweeted about him, saying that the state is proud of ‘warriors’ like him.

Sachin reportedly has his books and other necessary items in his car, and goes inside it to rest after his long hours at the hospital get over.

We salute doctors like him.