Visuals of a dead rat allegedly found in a sealed packet supplied by online food supplier Big Basket has shocked netizens. The video and the pictures that have gone viral show a dead, decomposed rat in a packet of Urad dal, reports The News Minute.

As per a report by Deccan Chronicle, Sumana Paramata of Madhapur in Hyderabad ordered 2 kg dal from Big Basket on August 7. The label on the cover showed it was packed on August 4.

“I ordered it on August 6 in the evening, and it arrived a day later. As I was busy, I only checked the parcel on the morning of August 8, and found a black creature in the dal packet, which I figured was a dead rat. We immediately took pictures and videos of the packet, and opened it in front of camera, to find the dead rat in it,” Sumana told The News Minute. 

Sumana says she was shocked by the incident. She tweeted to Big Basket:

The Big Basket responded:

Sumana has also filed a complaint with the Madhapur police station. 

Here’s the video that Sumana uploaded:

(Feature Image Source: Youtube)