Coronavirus has hit the world and it has hit us hard. The biggest and most effective tool to fight this virus is social distancing. To ensure this, many corporate giants have made working from home compulsory. 

And while you and I sit at home doing the best we can, here is a list of companies who are going the extra mile to support their country during this crisis 

1. PayTM 

PayTM has committed ₹5 crore towards teams working on finding medical solutions for COVID-19. Now that’s a solid support! 

2. Mahindra & Mahindra

Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra tweeted that he will help create a fund to assist the hardest hit people and offered to contribute 100% of his salary towards the cause. He also spoke about immediately starting work on how Mahindra’s manufacturing facilities can make ventilators.  

3. Hindustan Unilever

Committing 100 crore to fight COVID-19, HUL has signalled a scale up in the production of hand-wash, sanitisers and floor cleaners. They have also announced a 15% reduction in the prices of these life saving products. 

4. Godrej Consumers

Godrej has dropped its 30% price hike plan and is instead going all out to increase production to help out the people and economy of the country. 

5. Vedanta Resources Limited

The company has announced that they’re going to generously set aside Rs 100 crore to support daily wage and contract employees working at the mining giant’s factories.   

6. ITC 

To ensure that we get the food that we need and supply chains don’t get clogged up, ITC has promised to double its output in the coming months so that citizens don’t have to face shortage of any of their FMCG products including Savlon handwash and soaps across all channels. 

Even international foundations like The Alibaba Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc are coming together to help fight the deadly virus. In fact, extending a helping hand towards India, Fosun, an enterprise of Chinese origin, has donated 5000 surgical masks to a Mumbai based Kasturba Hospital.  

While big corporations are doing what they can, let’s also extend them our support and maintain social distancing. Stay at home and fight this diesase like a real hero!