Have feet. Will dance. Have big feet? Will struggle!

Living with big feet is no easy feat. It’s a tough life as your patience is tested time and again, from when you don’t find shoes your size (which is almost always) to when you get weird looks even from people you just met. Here are 11 daily struggles of people with big feet.

1. You get this at least once a day: “OMG! You have such big feet!”

2. Another line you’re tired of hearing: Bachpan me chappal pahen ke rakhni thi.” (You shouldn’t have walked barefoot as a kid.)

3. Footwear shopping is a herculean task.

4. When the salesman looks at your feet, he makes this face…

5. When you like a pair of shoes, it’s almost certain that you won’t find that particular one in your size.

6. Sale is just another day for you because sales are only for people with normal-sized feet!

7. You end up owning several pairs of similar looking boring shoes – especially crocs.


8. You can never take the risk of online shopping.

Because what if it doesn’t fit?

9. You are jealous of people with tiny feet because you can never wear all those fancy shoes they do.

10. While your friends exchange footwear for special occasions, you cannot even think of borrowing shoes from anyone.

11. You also end up buying small sizes because you think they’ll magically fit.

But they don’t.

Well, at least there are flip flops. Thank God for that!

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