A copy of the ‘fabled’ contract for Big Boss contestants has been uncovered and it has… rules. Yes, there are more rules and regulations in Bhai ’s madhouse than what is let on.

The apparent chaos is indeed governed by a string of laws besides the ones laid down by the Dabangg Khan, and some are as crazy as the show itself.

Disclaimer: We tried to contact Colors for a comment on the legitimacy of the copy of the contract leaked by Bollywood Life. We were promptly denied.

1. Thou shall not BYOB (Bring Your Own Bible)

Books including holy scriptures are not allowed inside the Bigg Boss House. The Network provides them.

We see a protest brewing. Propagators of personal freedom and sentries of religion and traditions, this is your cue to join hands.

Source: Hindi Film News

2. See a media person? Run away

The art of ‘No Comment’. If Mr Robert Vadra was in Bigg Boss, surely Daamadji would have gotten better practice in the intricacies of it.

Source: Udaipur Times

3. ‘Check out any time you like, but you can never leave… (unless you pay a hefty fine)’

Contestants are liable to fines if they leave mid-show. The sum has been reported to be as high as Rs 50 lakh.

Wonder if Viacom’s lawyers were rocking to Hotel California while drafting the contracts?

Source: DNA India

4. No interference in the matters of editing and final cut of the episodes

Pretty much self-explanatory. Better keep your hands to yourself (or not).

Source: IBNLive

5. No secret treaties to be formed before entering the house

“Bhai meri Bigg Boss mein entry ho gayi.” “Are bhai meri bhi.” – Strict no no.

All secretive conspiracies need to be hatched in front of the ‘hidden’ cameras.

Source: Sim04in

6. The network must know if you were a criminal

You don’t say!

However, it’s absolutely fine for convicted individuals to appear on prime-time television. After all, everyone is an ‘inmate’ in that household.

Source: IBNLive

7. Good ol’ moolah

Hardly surprising, but every celebrity is paid a bomb to participate in Bigg Boss. The amount is the minimum guarantee. Rumour has it that the sum is a mighty Rs 8 lakh.

Well this ought to take care of the bludgeoning pressure of making your first career work. There’s always Bigg Boss if your first one goes up in flames.

Source: India TV

8. Big brother won’t stop watching

Bigg Boss contestants are required to be available exclusively to Viacom 18 for the period of 117 days. Approximately 100 days is for shooting and the rest for preparation and marketing.

Bhai owns you on the inside. The Network on the outside.

Source: India.com

9. Weekly pay after surviving two weeks

Hmm weekly pay? Parents can now breathe. There’s always a secure future for your children on a career rebound. As long as they are gladiators. Or Bollywood rejects.

Source: Pinkvilla

Clearly Bigg Boss isn’t as crazy as it is made to be. It has ‘rules’, right?

H/t Bollywood Life