The sudden lockdown of 21 days announced by PM Modi has left several people homeless and truckers stranded across state borders. The movement and transport of essential goods has also been affected greatly.

Amidst this, reports of police constables demanding bribe from a van driver carrying potatoes have emerged from Bihar.

Source: India Today

According to Indian Express, Sonu Sah, a pick-up van driver was carrying potatoes in his vehicle when he was stopped and shot in leg by 3 constables during an argument. They then demanded ₹5,000 as bribe to allow the vehicle to go forward.

Speaking to Indian Express, Sonu said:

I was first asked to take the vehicle to police station and they hinted that I should talk to senior officers and that the matter could be resolved after paying ₹5,000.
Source: livehindustan

The 3 constables have now been arrested and have been booked for extortion and attempt to murder.

According to the Bihar Truck Owners Association, there have been reports of policemen stopping trucks carrying essential items and demanding bribes to release them at several checkposts across the state.

Source: Indian Express

It is sad to see that police officials at some places are using this opportunity to escalate the already existing supply chain crisis.