The father of a 3-year-old in Bihar was heard saying this after the hospitals failed to provide ambulance for his son’s treatment and later, for carrying the body.

Now we don’t need an ambulance.

The child had gotten sick a few days ago and the parents, after initially consulting the local medics in the village Shapohar, decided to take him to a bigger hospital.

However, in a shocking case of apathy, they were not provided with an ambulance, and had to carry the child in their arms from one hospital to another.

The 3-year-old lost his life in the process and the heart shattering video of his mother carrying the body, as she walks on vacant roads, is now being shared on social media.

A report from NDTV, quoted child’s father Girej Kumar as saying:

The doctors at Sadar Hospital in Jehanabad referred us to Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) but did not arrange an ambulance for us. It was because of this negligence that we lost our child. We did not get proper means of transport when it was a matter of life and death because of the lockdown.

Following this, a few doctors from the state-run hospital in Jehanabad were given a show-cause notice, while a manager was suspended.