At a time when the camaraderie between humans seems to be turning a blue shade of cold, a Mumbai trio’s love for animals and birds is a touching example of what can be achieved with a little love and care.

Vishal and Nikhil Kolekar are Animal Welfare officers while as Kunal Kolekar is a snake catcher. But the three brothers share a common mission of treating injured birds and animals and they have been doing it now for seven years. Since 2008, the group has treated more than 700 birds without any financial support from government or any agency.

According to a report in MaStylecare , the initiative first started as a hobby but soon turned up as a serious social work. The report quotes Nikhil saying “I love animals and having been in close contact with animals since childhood, it was all but obvious to follow the path of helping birds and animals.”

Kites, eagles and flamingos – the group has treated all of them and the birds are able to fly again. They also rescued a Flamingo with injured leg but soon after treatment it was back in the sky.

Despite no training and financial support, the group is doing best it can with the limited the resources. However, they are also concerned about the strict implementation of laws for the protection of animals and birds. The careless attitude of cellular companies in building towers against the set norms also worries them.

The group also asserts there should be a realization among people during Diwali celebrations as the smoke and noise poses dangerous threat to the lives of birds and animals.

For now, the group is planning to create awareness through radio, programs in schools and colleges and public places. In fact, they want people to report to them any injured animal or bird as soon as possible.

“We love animals and we will continue our efforts for this cause irrespective of the hurdles on our path,” they say.

That is true determination and deserves our backing.