Amit Shah’s got a way with not just with words, allegations and politics. The BJP president stupefied crowds in Ahmedabad with his batting skills on the pitch, as he launched the Karnavati Premier League.

While it’s well known that no one wants to be in the BJP president’s way, everyone from security personnel to his supporters ducked for cover as Shah went all out against the poor bowler while launching the Kanawati Premier League.

The crowd dived for cover as Amit Shah showed off his batting skills. But one dedicated soul kept the BJP chief’s poster visible: 

b’Source: PTI’

But then our netas never shy away from a good game of cricket. Remember Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s bowling? 


Or Lalu Prasad’s unconventional sweep shot?

Kumar Vishwas’s intense batting

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UP CM Akhilesh Yadav keen eye that has earned him two man of the match titles in games against bureaucrats:

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Omar Abdullah’s awkward batting stance …

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That is rivalled only by PM Modi, who showed that skills don’t matter as long as you can strike a pose for the cameras. 

b’Source: PTI’