You’ve heard of pineapple on pizza and ketchup in sauce, now brace yourself for laddoo and whipped cream cake.


According to Indian Express, Delhi BJP office has ordered a 7 kg cake and nine 5 kg cakes of laddoo with whipped cream, a night before the declaration of Lok Sabha poll.

Rest is fine, but why have the gods of heavenly desserts have thus deserted us?

I don’t think even Poo from K3G loved laddoos this much.

This is very troubling. In the words of Phoebe, ‘MY EYES, MY EYES’. 

Motichoor ne dil choo-choor kar diya.

The cakes, reportedly ordered from a Bengali pastry shop, are supposed to be cut at the Central office in the evening of 23rd May.

The sweet is priced at Rs 1000 per kg. Although I think it’s gonna cost us the loss of our humanity.