Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump have amazing and strong similarities including their approach towards media, judiciary and legislature, according to a Telangana BJP leader.

Modi and Trump also have very similar leadership style, said Telangana BJP spokesperson Krishna Saagar Rao in a blog post.

b’Modi is currently on a visit to the US | Source: Reuters’

“Their world view, decision making approach, political interests, governance focus, global priorities & judgement on issues are extremely similar,” he said.

“Even their approach towards media, judiciary, legislature, executive and in that order is quite unique and unconventionally similar,” Rao added, without elaborating.

Modi is currently on a visit to the US.

Rao termed Modi and Trump as unconventional global leaders.

“PM Modi is a tea seller boy, who rose from rock bottom to earn respect within the party & from millions of Indians to get elected as the Prime Minister of India,” he said.

President Trump, Rao said, is a multi-billionaire businessman, who had nothing to do with politics, never been an active politician but has risen with massive popular support to be elected as US President.

b’Rao termed Modi and Trump as unconventional global leaders | Source: Reuters’

“Both have almost achieved the impossible, with distinctly different backgrounds, which in the natural course wouldn’t have got them here. They are certainly unconventional leaders,” he added.

According to him, while the two are very unique people with different backgrounds, and from extremely dissimilar socio-economic strata and of course from two different continents, they do have amazing similarities.

“These strong similarities can actually drive a strong rapport and trust between the two and can certainly ensure an unusual bonhomie between the two leaders, going ahead,” Rao reckoned.

(Feature image source: Reuters)