Actress-turned-politician Roopa Ganguly has been booked for slapping a Trinamool Congress (TMC) a supporter in her own constituency. The incident took place outside a polling booth in the Howrah North constituency where the BJP leader was seen slapping a woman amidst a heated argument, reports News18.

Meanwhile, she accused TMC supporters and party members of manhandling her.

“Trinamool goons pushed me when I went to check on complaints from voters at various booths. They are goons and they are levelling false allegations against me,” said Ganguly to NDTV.

A police complaint has been filed against her by TMC.

Here’s the video:

The fourth phase of the West Bengal election started in the morning on Monday. Roopa Ganguly is contesting against TMC candidate and former cricketer Lakshmi Ratan Shukla.

She visited various polling booths throughout the day in the densely populated constituency. Earlier in the day, she also accused TMC party members of threatening BJP workers, reports The Hindu.

“If there is no false voting here, why are you threatening my agent? ” Ganguly asked a group of TMC supporters, who allegedly threatened a BJP agent at a polling booth in Howrah North constituency, the report adds.