Considering the present situation in India, the central government has issued directives stating that spitting in public spaces will be considered a punishable offence.

It seems that BJP MLA from Rajkot, Arvind Raiyani, didn’t care much about these rules. Recently, a video of him spitting in a government-run community kitchen went viral on social media.

His act led to an outrage on social media, where people slammed him for spitting at a place where food is cooked for the poor and needy.

Speaking to ANI, the MLA said:

I spat in my property and not in government premises or road. However, I accept my mistake and I have paid Rs 500 as fine.

After getting rebuked for his act, Raiyani issued an apology and released a picture of the receipt where he paid a fine of Rs. 500 for spitting in a public space.