Our politicians have been entertaining us since day one with absurd statements and remarks. We end up getting a good laugh out of it but it is definitely something to worry about.

To add to our plethora of senseless statements, while laying the foundation stone for a 151-foot-high national flag in UP’s Muzaffarnagar, UP BJP MLA Vikram Saini said,

“Those who feel unsafe in this country are anti-nationals and do not deserve to live here. Give me a ministry and I will attach bombs on their posteriors and blast them.”

He even defended his crass language in a later statement where he said,

“I don’t think I have said anything wrong. This is the rural language that I am talking in and is so prevalent in this region.”
India Today

Congress leader Raj Babbar called out the MLA for his remark. He said,

“MLA who aspires to be minister says will bomb people. He should be arrested and punished. He is speaking like a terrorist, must be probed for terror links.”
India Today

People on Twitter also had their own bit of reactions to add to this.

The only thing getting bombed right now is this country’s future.