Amidst the recent controversy surrounding the Una attack, a BJP MLA from Goshamahal, Raja Singh further added fuel to the fire and made a shocking statement by saying that that those Dalits who were found skinning dead cows or carrying cow meat deserved to be beaten up.

Singh made his views loud and clear in a Facebook post and said that it was a very good thing that happened.

“Jo Dalit gai ke maas ko le ja raha tha, jo uski pitai hui hai, woh bohut hi achhi hui hai (Those Dalits who were taking the cow, the cow meat, those who were beaten, it was a very good thing to happen),” he said.

Not only that, he also condemned the media and political leaders who criticised the assault on Dalits saying that many members of the community have devoted their lives to protecting cows.

He then asked if it is necessary to kill cows, or eat their meat. “Yeh bahut galat hai [this is very wrong],” he said. He claimed that because of such “galeez [filthy]” Dalits, others in the community who are patriotic and religious are getting a bad name.

Praising their good work, he appealed to the Gau Rakshaks to keep up the good work and continue to serve the nation and community this way. He also warned “every section of society, not just Dalits”, that they will be taught a lesson in the same way should they kill cows.

He had said that the task ahead is difficult but the groups should not stop “till the cow mother is mother India”.