When another human life is at risk, the least we can do is to not create more problems for them but, that does not seem to be the case for BJP state president Dilip Ghosh. 


During a rally yesterday in Bengal a road was blocked by BJP supporters but when an ambulance tried to pass through that area, none of the supporters made way for it to go, which was really shocking and insensitive to say the least. 

A viral video shows that the BJP supporters did not budge an inch to make way for the ambulance that was naturally waiting for the crowd to move. 

That’s not all. MP Dilip Ghosh himself noticed the ambulance but, instead of asking the supporters to make way, he asked the ambulance driver to take another route. 

According to Times Now this is what MP Dilip Ghosh had to say: 

Why is an ambulance on the road where I am holding a rally on? Take a different road.

Even Twitterati was shocked and outraged to see the MP’s and the supporters ignorance.

Meanwhile, some people are also comparing this video to another video from Bengaluru, where thousands protesting against CAA and NRC, made way for an ambulance peacefully. 

After watching this video, people were quite impressed to see the protesters swift reaction. 

There is no denying that political campaigns are important but is it really worth risking a human life over it?