The farmer protests that are rocking the country show no sign of losing steam, which is worrying for the Central Government. In their quest to force the laws through and convince people that they somehow benefit farmers however, BJP just made a major blunder. 

The BJP used a photo of a farmer in an ad supporting the farm bills. However, that farmer is actually at the border right now, protesting those same laws.

The BJP apparently didn’t take permission from him, and picked up his picture from Facebook. 

The Quint

Embarrassingly for them, he happened to be protesting at the Singhu border when they posted it.  

The farmer told NDTV that he had no idea his picture had been used until a friend forwarded the image to him. He said he was angered, and posted a status clarifying that no permission had been taken from him for the image.

Indian Express

The issue led to quite a few reactions.