BJP workers across India are resorting to forcing people to accept and support CAA. After school students in Gujarat were forced to write pro-CAA postcards to PM Modi, another incident came to light from a Bengaluru college, where BJP supporters put up a pro-CAA banner on the college walls without permission.

Deccan Herald

According to a report by The Quint, the incident happened at Jyothi Nivas College, an all-girls college in Koramangala. Several students protested against the move, but they were heckled by the party workers. 

You are not concerned about citizenship, you are concerned about yourself… you are not Indians.

Reports also suggest that the students were forced to sign the banner.

In conversation with The Quint, one student of the college explained the incident.

We were coming out of the college after classes, when we saw a large pro-CAA banner close to our college’s main gate. There 10-15 BJP workers who asked people, including students, to sign on it. It was disturbing for us because we know what is happening in New Delhi in Assam.

Videos of the incident are being widely shared on social media.

The students also allegedly chanted anti-CAA slogans to which the BJP workers shouted ‘go to Pakistan’.

Later the police were called in and they dispersed the students.