A BJP member from Gujarat has suggested that ‘anti-national’ JNU students and teachers should be shot “to close the chapter,” on his Twitter handle on Tuesday. 

Using a hashtag of #WakeupIndia, Sanjay Rathod, IT cell convener of BJP’s Junagadh unit also said in his tweet that “there’s one problem…that our government doesn’t allow to kill dogs.” 

However, moments later the BJP member had deleted his tweet. 

b’Screenshot of the deleted tweet by BJP worker Sanjay Rathod | Source: Twitter’

Rathod, who identifies himself as social media expert and director of Gujarati TV, had also tweeted that there are big forces who want to break India who are funding anti-nationals & paid media. He also tweeted that JNU was “turning into a citadel for anti-national elements!”

Rathod, whose Twitter handle has a cover photo showing him along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at two different events, also tweeted:

The Delhi Police on Tuesday arrested a man for allegedly offering a bounty of Rs 11 lakh for killing JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar. 

Previously, a leader of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), youth wing of BJP, had announced a prize money of Rs 5 lakh for cutting off the tongue of Kanhaiya Kumar. However, the BJP has reportedly expelled the leader for six years. 

Feature image source: Twitter Screenshot