You may not remember Blake McIver, the former child artist who is best known for his role in The Little Rascals. He had appeared in the popular television series Full House too. McIver, who had once adorably humoured many viewers with his songs in the above mentioned movie and television series, has now inspired many people with his music video, This Is Who We Are.

“For so many years I thought that a wedding and marriage were not something I would ever have the right to enjoy. As I sat down to write the song, I thought a lot about my late grandfather Lt. Col. Norman Earl McIver. He was a proud Vet, a prouder Texan, and a man who always encouraged me to think for myself and to be exactly who I am. He passed away before I had the opportunity to come out to him. I’m not saying it would’ve been a particularly easy conversation, but his unconditional love of me was never a question in my mind. In honor of his inspirational force in my life, this anthem for marriage equality is inspired by the storytelling of his favorite genre: country music. So, YES! A country(ish) song!,” Blake McIver wrote on his Facebook page .