As the media frenzy around the so-called ‘drug nexus’ that Rhea Chakraborty was allegedly involved in tries to make it look like the arrest of El Chapo, the basic reasons seem to evade most news channels. She’s actually been arrested for the possession of just over 40-50 grams of cannabis, a meagre amount that usually just involves a fine to be paid. The insanity of this media trial has not been lost on the public, as a large section of India has partaken, not to mention the NCB usually carries out busts involving 1000s of kilos of marijuana.

To that end, #BlazeItUpForRhea has been trending on Twitter, with people sharing pictures of their ‘joint’ support for truth and justice.

Whatever the rest of the case details are, vilifying someone nationally for possessing a few grams of weed is wholly excessive. At least this Twitter trend finds some solace in humour.