With each passing day, I am falling short of words to describe the dedication of our doctors and other healthcare workers in the world's fight against coronavirus. No matter how much gratitude we express, they do not cease to amaze us with their actions.

Source: India Today

With 1 doctor for every 1700 patients, India has a huge shortage of doctors and this shortage is turning into a crisis with the spread of coronavirus.

Amid this scarcity, BMC had requested the IMA to identify 50 private doctors who could join the state-run hospitals in Mumbai to treat COVID-19 patients.

Source: Deccan Herald

Quite unexpectedly, 250 doctors signed up within an hour of circulation of the message. Most of these doctors are among the top ones in the city and earn 7-figure salaries.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

According to reports, 115 of them will be deputed in designated hospitals after undergoing training in the first batch. The BMC is planning to dedicate 15 more hospitals for COVID-19 patients and the rest of the doctors will be deployed in these hospitals, later.

These doctors will be paid an honorarium of ₹80,000 each.

Source: India Today

Currently, the Kasturba Hospital is the only hospital in Mumbai treating COVID-19 patients. The doctors and other medical staff here have to work in shifts of 10-12 hours due to the shortage of doctors. The entry of private doctors at this time will bring in much-needed relief.

This decision of private doctors to volunteer for offering their services despite all the risks associated, is beyond praiseworthy.