It won’t be wrong to say that fuel efficiency plays a major role whenever one decides to buy a new car. Be it your new car or an upgrade from your previous ride Kitna degi ? is the one question that is sure to pop up.

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There have been many efforts to increase fuel efficiency in automobiles to find an answer that brings a smile to your face. The most fuel efficient car in India has, at max, been able to deliver 27.62 kilometres/litre.


Well, get ready for some really good news that will not just surprise you, it’s gonna blow your mind. The word around town is that the German juggernaut BMW, in a bid to capture your imagination, is working on a model that returns 250 Km/l. This will be a four-seater car with a carbon fiber body and low drag coefficient, weighing less than 1200 kilograms.

Rumour has it that the light weight car will have an electric motor alongside a 2-cylinder petrol engine. This will make it an automobile offering power which is also fuel efficient at the same time. Another one by Volkswagen, the XL1 is a diesel-powered hybrid which gives 111 km/l, putting the aforementioned BMW a long way ahead in the competition.

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The existing hybrid models available in Indian markets include the Toyota Prius which offers a fuel economy standing at 23.91 kms/l even in city conditions, and the BMW i8 which gives 48 kms/l while offering a top speed of 250 Km/h. The rising trend is not only light on your pockets but is also eco-friendly. Only, of course, if you can afford a BMW!