In a shocking development from Delhi, the dead body of a Delhi University student who went missing on the second of February, has been found in a ventilation shaft at the residence of a male friend.

The boy, Navin Khatri, at whose residence the burnt body was found, was a friend of the girl named Arzoo Singh. The two reportedly wanted to get married but faced opposition from Navin’s family, and Navin was to get married to another girl on February fourth.

The victim’s sister told DNA that, “she left for college on February 2 and did not come back. This morning we got a call from the police that her body has been recovered.”

While Arzoo’s family came to know that the couple were meeting despite the displeasure of Navin’s family, they have accused the boy’s family of the murder, while Navin has been arrested, NDTV reports.

Arzoo’s sister said that, “if they had any doubt that my sister will create problems during the wedding, they should have talked to us. We would have sorted this out… Why did they kill her?”

Feature image: Reuters